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Benefits of Arizona Online Auctions During the Pandemic

In Arizona, online auctions in Prescott, AZ, have always been popular, but they’ve increased dramatically in number due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Our team at Harris Auction has conducted many of these events, and we’ve observed many benefits.

The main benefit of conducting auctions online is that it eliminates the risk of being exposed to Covid 19 as each customer takes part from their home or office. Bidders can easily see all the items up for sale by browsing the website and determining which things they want to purchase. Since this is an online event, it also means that prospective buyers can look at the products for sale at any time during the auction. Being connected to an online auction also gives you the luxury of receiving electronic sales alerts.

We’ve conducted a range of online and in-person sales at Harris Auction, from livestock auctions and small business liquidations to million-dollar estates and household liquidations, and we apply the same level of care and attention to each one. Our goal is to make each event we hold a smooth and successful one for the party selling the goods to the buyers. If you are planning an estate liquidation, contact us at Harris Auction to handle all the pre-sales planning, hold the event, and then take care of the post-sale accounting for you.