Harris Auction

Arizona Online Auctions: Frequently Asked Questions

Harris Auction Site provides a convenient way to find collectors’ items and rare finds. As a site for Arizona online auctions, we make it easier for deal-seekers to score big wins. Many people have questions about our services. This page seeks to answer some of the more common issues.

What Kind of Auctions Do You Host?

Our auctioneers make listings for a variety of items, including estate sales and government surplus. As such, there is a wide range of things for you to find—from furniture to manufactured homes. Our auctioneers are thoroughly experienced and ensure all transactions are completed in accordance with state and federal law.

Do You Host Live Auctions?

Yes, we host live auction events. Please refer to our event calendar for more details. Live events are normally hosted for livestock auctions. Please note that our business takes public health and safety seriously. Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we may cancel planned live auctions and minimize their occurrence. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

How Do I Participate in an Auction?

First, visit our Home page, where you will find the latest listings for estate sales, antique auctions, and more. When you click on a listing, you will be taken to our online auction site that provides more information on the auction. The Harris Auction Online site will provide directions on how to place a bid.

If you have any questions about our online auctions or processes, we are happy to answer them. Please contact us in Prescott, AZ, to learn more about our auctioneering services.