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Harness the Power of Online Bidding in Prescott, AZ

At Harris Auction, we put the power of the internet in your hands so you can take advantage of our sales without even leaving the comfort of your home. Through online bidding in Prescott, AZ, and elsewhere across cyberspace, you can place as many bids as you like in the online auctions we offer regularly.

Easily Accessible Services

Our online estate sales and auctions are entirely secure and are designed so you can easily bid whenever you wish during the sale. We realize that not everyone has the same degree of computer literacy, and it’s why we are happy to assist bidders. You can call Ralph at (928) 713-2385 for support as well.
If you happen to be in a location that doesn’t have internet access, and you wish to enter a bid in an auto auction, for example, you can reach out to us. We’ll be happy to place an absentee bid for you. We encourage you not to wait until mere minutes before the end of the sale.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in conducting a wide range of auctions for everything from single item sales to million-dollar estates to government surplus to warehouse stock, we are prepared to assist you today.


Online Bidding

Still need assistance with online bidding? Call - Ralph (928) 713-2385
No internet access at the sale?
We can place an "Absentee Bid" for you.
Please Don't Wait minutes before the sale closes.

Quick Tips For Smart Phones

Online Bidding in Prescott, AZ, Step 1: Tap Menu

"tap" MENU

Online Bidding in Prescott, AZ, Step 2: Tap Register


Online Bidding in Prescott, AZ, Step 3: Online Form
Fill out the online  form.  Provide credit card information on our secure site along with your email. Agree to the terms. You will be sent a verification email. Reply confirming it is you.

Online Bidding in Prescott, AZ, Step 4: You're In
When you see "HELLO" your in.  It's now yours to bid receive get invoices and email.