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Storage Auctions in Prescott, AZ

When it comes to an auction, it’s a thrilling race to see who becomes the highest bidder for a spectrum of items offered. However, storage auctions in Prescott, AZ, are a little bit different; opening an old storage unit to see what the contents is like a treasure hunt, especially when you find out the value of your hidden treasure. Harris Auction is your best source for keeping track of auctioning dates, so you never miss out! You can also join us for our online auctions and start your bidding at our online stage.

How exactly does it work? Aren’t you bidding for the property of other people? When it comes to items left behind in these storage units, they have all been claimed by storage lien. Storage unit auctions are, therefore, quite exciting because you don’t know what you’ll find when they open the doors. It leaves an opportunity for big wins as well as big losses, but that’s what makes it thrilling! There are many pros to consider in storage auctions, including:

More Choice and Variety
No Crowds
Fewer Time Restrictions
More Affordable
Great for Building Store Inventory
A Fun and Exciting Experience

Contact us when you’re ready to take part in any auction. Whether it’s online or live, you can still participate in the excitement of storage auctions!